Successful Construction-spatial-environmental Conference

At this year’s Construction-Spatial-Environmental Conference, Vesna Cukrov and Veronika Cukrov lectured on the valuation of prices from the point of view of changes to the construction contract; unfortunately, in this field, there is an almost 20-year-old act in use, which is not appropriate in view of the current situation, which Law Firm Cukrov deals with a lot, as it causes a lot of problems in practice. Nevertheless, other legal solutions were presented at the conference, which are suitable for the successful protection of all parties to the construction contract during the actual execution of the project in the face of unpredictable price changes.

The conference was concluded by a round table, where attorney at law Vesna Cukrov together with the executive director of the construction sector 2TDK, Marko Žitnik, director of CGP, Edo Škufca, dr. Marjana Šijanec Zavrl from ZRMK, and Aleksandra Velkovrh, eng. constr., under the leadership of Tax Fin Lex director Zlata Tavčar, discussed the difficult questions of the future of construction in the current global situation.

More on the event: https://gradbeno-prostorsko-okoljska-konferenca.si/

Misdemeanors in the field of public procurement law

Vesna Cukrov, lawyer, judicial expert in law – public procurement and former president of the National Review Commission will, on the 29th of November 2022 alongside mrs.  Zlata Jerman, Head of the Department for Misdemeanors at the National Review Commission for Public Procurement, hold a one-day special training/conference on misdemeanors for clients and providers in the field of public procurement, organized by TFL.

A fine of up to 100,000 euros can also be imposed in the case of an offense in the field of public procurement for the legal entity of the client, provider or subcontractor, and providers may also be excluded from the public procurement process. The penalties for responsible natural persons are also high.

The training will provide you with all the answers to your questions, and at the same time, it will also clarify the liability for offenses and how the client or provider can be relieved of responsibility to the greatest extent possible.

You are welcome to register at the following link: https://www.tax-fin-lex.si/Dogodki/Izobrazevanje/a48e0ff8-32ce-4a86-8693-232e859aa475



Today, Vesna Cukrov, attorney at law, forensic public procurement expert and former president of the National Review Commission gave a lecture to the participants at a TFL organized seminar on the last two amendments of ZJN-3 (ZJN-3B and ZJN-3C) in the field of public procurement.

Currently, there exists in the field of public procurement a lot of  unclear ambiguities, which present enormous uncertainties that cause problems in practice, both in terms of misdemeanor provisions and the rising prices of materials, energy and labor costs. Participants from the ranks of public contracting authorities and private tender applicants, therefore, received answers at the seminar for further successful work, despite the very aggravated conditions caused by the pandemic and the war.



The seminar of Veronika Cukrov (Master of Laws, PhD candidate in the field of energy law) on the impact of the energy crisis on the economy and law, which will take place on 31.5. at the Medical Chamber of Slovenia headquarters, is quickly approaching; from the point of view of rising prices, we will talk about creative solutions for tender participants and contracting authorities, and from a broader legislative and practical point of view analyse all the most pressing problems of the private and public sector, as well as those who are approaching us in the future!

More information on the event: https://www.tax-fin-lex.si/Dogodki/Izobrazevanje/d6a98781-3260-4a78-8712-a52294b94cd0?fbclid=IwAR2ErcZ2mIMa9DN1bGCIqzWV3fF00-qdWSTTFkojkYazq0cKahbAdC6oFFc


On November 29, 2021, Veronika Cukrov, a PhD candidate from Law firm Cukrov, lectured to master’s students at the Faculty of Economics, University of Ljubljana on the topic of raising the prices of raw materials and labor from the point of view of public procurement. It is still one of the most pressing public procurement issues, triggered by the disruption of supply chains in the pandemic, and for which our legal system was simply not prepared. Many thanks to the Faculty of Economics for the invitation!


We are delighted to confirm the Leaders in Law – Global Awards 2021 publication is now available: https://lnkd.in/eXcRdMqc .

Internationally renowned London based organization Leaders in Law has recognized and awarded Vesna Cukrov as the leading public procurement expert of the year 2021 in Slovenia. Vesna Cukrov is awarded Global awards 2021 winner as the Public Procurement Expert of the Year in Slovenia.

Successfully executed 3rd Construction-Spatial-Environmental Conference

We can proudly say that we have successfully completed the third GPO conference, at which Veronika Cukrov also lectured this year on the topic of raising the prices of materials and labor in relation to the construction contracts and public procurement contracts. Although these price rises are unprecedented and the legislation has not been prepared for them, we believe that many important solutions to this issue have been highlighted, as STA summarized very well in their article.

We hope that the situation on the market will calm down soon and that the already started projects will be carried out as well as possible, and we sincerely thank the organizers and participants for such a productive conference!

More on the conference: https://krog.sta.si/2962048/na-konferenci-o-novostih-na-gradbeno-prostorskem-podrocju