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Law firm Cukrov

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Litigation, preliminary evaluation of dispute outcome and arbitration

Law firm Cukrov is specialized in commercial disputes and indemnification disputes of high value, with many satisfied domestic and foreign commercial companies as our clients. Prior to mandate acceptance and if the client so wishes, we prepare an objective and neutral assessment of the case. Management of the corporate company is so presented with a quality assessment in order to adopt a business decision prior to entering into court litigation. Given our written and objectively prepared pre-analysis of advantages and disadvantages of a court claim, the conclusion(s) of court of court litigations in most cases demonstrate our prior analysis was entirely correct in most cases.

We are a law firm preparing a “cost-benefit” analysis of the case for the company’s management board in a realistic manner. This offers reliable grounds to the company’s management to adopt the decision whether to enter into court litigation. At the same time its reporting to the respective company’s supervisory board is made easy. Our expertise in this area further extends to mediations and arbitrations.