Veronika Cukrov

Veronika Cukrov is a PhD candidate in the field of Energy Law and a Master of Laws. She finished her Master’s and Bachelor’s degree at Faculty of Law, University of Ljubljana. 

She was the winner of the National Legal Negotiation Competition in 2017. She was also a member of the winning team at the diplomatic competition with over 500 delegates, WFUNA WIMUN 2015, at the UN General Assembly in New York. In 2016, she received an award for special achievements by the Rector of University of Ljubljana. Veronika Cukrov was also the Tutor of Economics at Faculty of Law, University of Ljubljana. She is fluent in English, and German. She has written numerous legal articles, she lectures and cooperates with the Slovene Chamber of Commerce and the Manager Association. She follows further education in London. She has gained valuable experience in business law, corporate law and negotiations. She was the editor in chief of a journal issued in relation to the Faculty of Law, for many years. Before studying at the university, she graduated from Bežigrad Grammar School.

As one of the top students at the Faculty of Law, University of Ljubljana she was working in various corporations during her studies, she has participated in domestic and foreign legal competitions with significant results. She is working at the law office and is a long-time manager of a legal journal.

She has gained significant knowledge and expertise in civil law, business law, crypto currencies, negotiation skills and corporate restructuring. Prior to her employment at Law Firm Cukrov she was also employed by Deloitte as a Master of laws.

Foreign languages: English, German, Croatian, Serbian

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